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About Mike Edwards Piano Service

Me web colorI am not just a piano tuner; I am a piano technician. Pianos, Grands, Uprights, Players, Reed Organs, and Nickelodeons have been my life.

A piano that both plays well and looks good is one that is a joy to see and play. To help you realize such benefits, I offer several services to help you.

I have truly dedicated my life to the piano field. I believe that older pianos are works of art. I’ve dedicated myself to restoring them to their original condition. I have one of the largest and most complete shops in the region, which can handle any restoring, from minor to complete restoring and rebuilding.


My credentials include over 30 years experience and:

  • Certification by Yamaha, Baldwin, and Aeolian piano companies .
  • Attend the Steinway Service School in New York
  • Worked for Geneva International Petraf piano(Czechoslovakia) and Schimmel piano(Germany)
  • Certified by the Star, Mohawk, and Minuteman finishing companies
  • Member of the Musical Box Society (MBSI)
  • Automatic Musical Instrument Collector’s Association (AMICA)